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RedToken AI SaaS Legacy

AI & Blockchain Enterprise SaaS Platform: RedToken delivers cutting-edge AI and blockchain solutions to transform how businesses and governments conduct and secure their transactions. Our technology blends advanced AI filtering, smart contracts, and robust security tokens to offer real-time transactions that are safer, faster, and smarter. Experience the future of business transactions today with RedToken.

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RedToken AI and Blockchain Transaction Flow

Artificial intelligence opportunities and risks: When AI goes from being useful to becoming directly harmful to both companies, authorities and private individuals. AI can put companies at enormous business risk due to that AI technology is taking over reality. The AI ​​simply runs amok, mutinies or releases its Trojan horses. The RedToken AI Security System SaaS platform on IBM mainframes can manage these security risks.

01. RedToken

AI Tokenization

02. RedToken

AI Smart Contract

03. RedToken

AI Security

04. RedToken

AI Integration

05. RedToken

AI Bankable



AI Tokenization

Creating and Issuing digital Assets or personal Identification for whitdrawel and transaction traceability.


AI Smart Contract

Realtime or Batch mode central processing execution of programmable smart contracts with blockchain technology  for automatization or data content validation and professional auditing.


AI Security

Data filtering and alarmsystem matched agains smart contract for alert, logg and redirect unregulated or regulated upon business rules and regulations 



AI Integration

IoT seamless integration any hybrid cloud for central processing execution in IBM mainframe via a single RedToken Middleware Any Cloud hub. 



AI Bankable

Smart compliant highest risk network security level connection and bankable optimized On-Premises Governance Data protection post production coded for Quantum super computers machines.

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Accelerating your digital assets transformation

RedToken's central AI-Legacy  security SaaS platform, On-Prem considers basically makes no difference to AI data in from ordinary data regardless of P2P or B2b transaction data or to drive artificial intelligence.

What Security classification of data content are u look looking for?

Are u running Public or private blockchains or u looking for decentralized. centralized data execution or are you intended to run Real-time or post-processing transactions execution?


Your choise RedToken AI Legacy is here for you!

Meet our Founder

Mikael blå bg_edited.jpg

Mikael Bramstedt

Expert in multi tenant industries, specializing in Banking-, Travel- and Payment industry.


30 years, Certified IBM Hardware and Software Mainframe legacy system architect conceptualizing Hybrid Cloud AI and Blockchain.

Founder & Chairman RedToken Europe AB
Founder Business and IT Enterprise Architect

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