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RedToken speaks at Ny Teknik Perfect Storm AI Event


The Ny Teknik Perfect Storm AI event, hosted in Stockholm on December 5, 2023, became a landmark event in the AI community, thanks to the pivotal contributions of RedToken Global's Mikael Bramstedt and Gabriel Eliasson. Their profound insights into the intersection of AI, blockchain, and financial systems resonated deeply with a diverse and engaged audience.

Mikael Bramstedt: A Deep Dive into AI in Payment Processes

Mikael Bramstedt's session on 'AI in Payment Processes - Integration with IBM Watsonx Governance' was a comprehensive overview of the transformative role of AI in financial governance. He illuminated the audience with RedToken's cutting-edge approaches to data integrity and security, leveraging quantum computing technologies to enhance financial transactions. Bramstedt's detailed analysis of AI's role in risk management and compliance in banking and insurance sectors highlighted the company's innovative solutions in tackling industry-specific challenges.

Gabriel Eliasson: Revolutionizing Finance with AI and Blockchain

Gabriel Eliasson's presentation, 'AI, Blockchain Integration, Smart Contracts, and Key Recovery', offered a captivating look into how these technologies are revolutionizing the financial landscape. Eliasson's expertise in AI and blockchain shone through as he explored their synergies, focusing on the enhancement of transaction security and efficiency. He addressed the complexities of implementing blockchain in AI-driven systems and the emerging trends in smart contract applications, showcasing RedToken's leadership in this space.

Audience Engagement and Feedback:

The presentations sparked a wave of positive feedback, with many attendees expressing their gratitude for the insights shared. The discussions around the ethical use of AI and the risks of data inaccuracy highlighted the audience's keen interest in RedToken's innovative approaches. This high level of engagement was indicative of the growing interest and concern in these critical areas of technology.

RedToken's Vision for the Future:

Both Bramstedt and Eliasson not only shared current advancements but also provided a vision for the future of AI and blockchain in financial systems. They discussed potential developments, upcoming challenges, and RedToken's role in navigating these changes, solidifying their status as thought leaders in the field.

Exciting Announcement: Hosting a New Event in 2024

In recognition of their impactful presentations and the value they brought to the event, RedToken has been honored with an invitation to host a new event in April 2024. This opportunity will allow RedToken to delve deeper into these critical topics and share their continued advancements in AI and blockchain technology.


The Ny Teknik Perfect Storm AI event was not just a conference but a milestone in the journey of AI and blockchain technology, significantly marked by RedToken Global's contributions. The anticipation for their next event is a testament to their growing influence and leadership in shaping the future of these technologies. Read more about the event here:

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